Floating bodies in the Ganges were thrown from ambulances

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Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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The bodies of corpses are floating in the Ganges of India after the second wave of coronavirus. Last Monday, 71 bodies were found floating in the river Ganges at Buxar in Bihar. On Tuesday, some more bodies were found floating 55 km upstream in Gazipur in Uttar Pradesh. However, it was not known how many bodies were found.

Meanwhile, a video of a body being thrown into a river from a bridge on the Bihar-Uttar Pradesh border has spread through social media. Janardhan Singh Sigriwal, a BJP MP from Bihar, alleged that drivers were rushing ambulances to the Joyprabha Bridge in Bihar's Sharan area near the Balia border in Uttar Pradesh to bring patients who had died in Corona in the river. He called on the Sharan district administration to take steps to ensure that ambulance drivers do not dump bodies in the river.

According to the Indian media NDTV, panic and anger have spread in the minds of the people over the incident of bodies floating in the Ganges. The Bihar state administration claimed that the bodies were coming from Uttar Pradesh because, in Bihar, there is no custom of throwing the body in the river.

The Boxer administration said in a press release that the bodies were recovered from the Ganges overnight in Boxer and sent to the morgue for autopsy. The bodies rotted. DNA samples were collected from the bodies.

However, the locals are blaming both the states for dumping the bodies in the river. A man named Arvind Singh said ambulance drivers from both Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were dumping bodies in the river.

According to NDTV, they do not know how to bury those who died in Corona in remote areas. Therefore, they are believed to be throwing the bodies in the river for fear that the coronavirus may spread from the bodies.

Thus the people were terrified when they found bodies floated in the river. They think it could spread coronavirus from river water. In such a situation, the local administration said, they are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, a local resident named Akhand complained against the administration and said, "We have informed the administration about the matter. But I do not see any action on their part. We are scared of coronavirus infection as the bodies are floating in the river. '

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, the Union Minister for River Development, Ganges Rejuvenation, Water Resources and Sanitation, tweeted about the Bihar incident. He asked the concerned states to take cognizance of the matter.

The Union Minister said, "It is unfortunate that a body was found floating in the river Ganges in Boxer. It must be investigated. It is the pledge of the Modi government to keep mother Ganges clean and tidy. The incident of floating the body is unexpected. The concerned states should take immediate action.