Corona vaccine in Dracula’s castle!

Mayabati Mrinmoyee, Contributing Correspondent,
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Although Irish author Bram Stoker wrote a sensational film based on the 1897 novel about the vampire Dracula, Dracula's castle is actually in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The Romanian government has been using the Dracula fortress in Romania, a country in southeastern Europe, in an innovative way to prevent the Covid pandemic.

As can be seen in a planned scene, Dracula himself is standing at the entrance of the castle. He has a big syringe in his hand to eradicate the invisible enemy Corona virus.

Anyone will be shocked to see. But in fact the vaccination program is going on in this fort. The government is working here to give the Romanians the antidote. Tourists can also get vaccinated every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of May without registering their names in advance. In addition, if you take the vaccine, you will get a special discount on the entrance fee.

Many believe that Bram Stoker's iconic novel is the catalyst for such an initiative. Whatever it is, Dracula Castle has already become quite popular as a vaccination center. According to local administration sources, many people come here every day to take antidote.

Covid is no less in this small country of growing in Europe. According to the data, more than 10 lakh people have been infected so far. The death toll has reached 29,000. That is why the Romanian government wants to complete a rapid vaccination program to prevent the Covid pandemic.

According to the government's plan, they have set a target of vaccinating one crore people by next September. However, the reluctance of many people to get vaccinated makes the government think. Therefore, multiple steps have been taken to raise awareness about vaccination. In addition, some fancy plans have been adopted. One of its uses is Dracula Castle as a vaccination center.

The famous city and capital of Romania is Bucharest. 170 km north of there is the Carpathian Mountains. On the feet of the castle there is a dense jungle. Dracula Castle is located on the top of that hill. Involved with this historic fortress is the brutal history of medieval oppression. That was 500-600 years ago.

It is said that there was an oppressive ruler in that mountain. His name was Bhulad. All the inaccessible areas of the mountains were at his fingertips. If anyone entered, he would be tied up and taken to the top of the hill. Then he would kill her brutally.

It is also heard in the mythological atmosphere that a Dracula also lived in the mountains with the Bhulads. From then on, the infamous ruler's abode in Romanian mythology became known as the 'Dracula Castle'.

But now the Middle Ages are no longer dark and creepy. Neither Bhulad nor Dracula. But the story of their oppression remains. And around that story, tourists are attracted to enter Dracula Castle.

In the words of Alexandru Prescu, the fort’s marketing director, ‘tourists are no longer coming because of the Covid pandemic. However, the number of tourists will increase slightly if the fort is built as a vaccination center. 'The Romanian government thinks that this is a big achievement in the time of the pandemic.