Hundreds of corpses at the expense of the Arab-Jewish friendship!

Dr. Mahfuz Parvez, Associate Editor,, Dhaka
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Picture: Collected

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Rockets and mortars are flying in droves. Bombers continue to drop bombs from the sky. Most of the houses in Gaza are crumbling like a house of cards. So the only hope to save lives is the refugee camp.

10,000 Palestinians took refuge in the camp to escape the Israeli attack. But there was no last defense. The camp was also destroyed in the air strikes. Eight children, including two women from the same family, were killed.

The International Media Offices of Al Jazeera and AP were destroyed. Ordinary citizens of Gaza and the West Bank were also annihilated. As a result, hundreds of lives have been lost. The Israeli unilateral attack has turned into a mass genocide, from which Arab, Palestinian, Lebanese women, men, children, the elderly and people of all walks of life are fleeing in fear.

After the illegal occupation of the Middle East by the illegal occupying Jewish state in 1947, it did not get a chance to carry out genocide and destruction so unilaterally, so aggressively, so unreservedly. Before leaving power, US President Donald Trump gave that opportunity to Israel. The Jews have forged alliances with the subjugated Arab states, who are now silent spectators of the genocide of the Muslim Brotherhood. Israel is taking full advantage of the divisions and polarization among Muslims in the Middle East. Israel has taken advantage of the Saudi-led Sunni Arab conflict with the Iran-Syria-Lebanon Shiite group. One side of the Muslims is killing the other side of the Muslims.

The US-Jewish axis has weakened the greater Arab unity in the Middle East by dividing it first. Then one by one is following the suit. If one side can be eliminated this time, then the other side can be cleared by understanding the opportunity. In fact, the freedom-loving people are paying the price for the Arab-Jewish alliance. Their only gain is the loss of lives, property, honor and disgrace through the corpses of hundreds of relatives and indiscriminate genocide.

Despite the so-called conflict, Israel alone is wreaking havoc and destruction. The Jews have jumped on the bandwagon with all the weapons of war. It has brought about the ultimate manifestation of murder, rape and destruction. The Gaza Strip, the West Bank has been reduced to rubble. None of the Palestinians have survived the last five or six days of conflict. Countless innocent families, such as the family of Gaza resident Abu Hatab, who took refuge in the camp with their families, are dying. Hundreds of people are dying in Jewish attacks in their sleep, even newborns like Omar.

Shelter camps, schools, hospitals are not immune from Jewish attacks. The Israeli army and air force are destroying all military and civilian installations with sophisticated lethal weapons. The Jews have been slaughtered like lunatics.

The Arab countries can do nothing but verbal protest. Protests are also not united, fragmented and divided. The so-called world conscience has not yet been awakened by seeing pictures of destruction, rows of corpses and streams of blood in the media. No one knows when the frenzy of Israel's destruction will stop, and the brutality of killing Muslims and the intoxication of blood!

It seems that no power on earth can stop the oppression, killing, and destruction of Israel without the divine power of the one and only Creator. For some unseen reason, for their own petty interests or in the polarization of international-regional politics, no one in the world should come forward to rescue the oppressed and endangered humanity.

With the leaves of the cedar tree in Lebanon, the green and young leaves of the olive tree in Palestine removed millions of people, women, men, children and old people, from behind the West Bank and Gaza vineyards, raise their hands to the sky and just stare helplessly at the horrific massacre. To escape from the clutches, hoping and waiting for a miraculous salvation.