Mamata held Congress responsible for NRC in Assam

Staff Correspondent,, Kolkata
Mamata Banarjee, Photo:

Mamata Banarjee, Photo:

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After returning to Kolkata from New Delhi where she stayed for two days Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banarjee said, ‘Congress and CPM would spread propaganda. But for your information, when NRC pact was signed in Assam then Assam Gana Parsihad(AGP) was in power there. In Assam the NRC was done during Congress regime. So the question of NRC in W. Bengal does not arise. It will be not allowed here.’

Reaching Kolkata airport from Delhi on Friday (Sept.20) she told all these to the journalists.

Mamata said that, ‘the Home Ministry deals the matter of NRC. I told Delhi that rumor has been spread in W. Bengal regarding enlisting name in voter list and introducing digital ration card. So I tell you that in no way National Registration of Citizens (NRC) will be introduced. So nothing to be scared of NRC.’

While assuring the people of W. Bengal she also held the Congress responsible for NRC in Assam but she did not speak anything about BJP.

It may be mentioned here that regarding the demands of W. Bengal on several issue Mamata went to Delhi. She held meetings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. After her meeting with Narnedra Modi, Mamata said that ‘NRC is the matter of Assam.’ 

On Thursday of her Delhi visit Mamata also met Home Minister Amit Shah. After her meeting she told the waiting journalists that she had no talk on NRC in W. Bengal. However the exclusion of the names of 19 lakh people is very much unexpected. The excluded are Bengali speaking, Hindi speaking and the Gorkhas. She requested Amit Shah to include their name. Because they are genuine Indian citizens. They should be given opportunity to stay in India, she said.  

On the other hand when Mamata brought allegation against Congress and the leftist, they retaliated by saying that ‘Modi – Mamata have reached an understanding in Delhi’. But Mamata did not give importance to it. 

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