We will drive all infiltrators before Lokshova polls: Amit Shah

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Amit Shah, Photo: collected

Amit Shah, Photo: collected

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Central Home minister of India Amit Shah has threatened that before the upcoming Lokshova polls of 2024 we will drive out the infiltrators from India.

Amit Shah has been continuously issuing threats after the Indian National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) in Assam. He has reiterated his threats in Maharashtra and Haryana before provincial election.

He not only threatened before the provincial elections of these two provinces but Amit Shah also targeted the Lokshova polls. On Thursday (Oct.10) the Indian central minister during polls campaign warned that in 2024 we will again come to you for vote but before that we will drive out all the infiltrators after sorting them out.  

The BJP leader further said that the infiltrators have been entering our country for the last 70 years. But this time they will be sorted out giving effect to the NRC. BJP and Modiji are committed on this matter. 

A few days back this BJP leader said that in our election manifesto we had declared that NRC will be done not only in Assam but also across whole country. We shall proceed accordingly.   

The BJP leaders have been giving threats in West Bengal regarding NRC. Amit Shah recently while inaugurating Durga Puja in West Bengal repeated his threat. But West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been opposing NRC tooth and nail.