Coronavirus death toll rises to 463 in Italy

Ismail Hossain Swapan, from Italy
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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In Italy the fatalities from coronaviruses is increasing steadily. Panic has spread everywhere in the country, with alarmingly high numbers of deaths and infected persons. Expatriate Bangladeshis are also in a panic.

In the last 24 hours, the number of victims has increased by 1797 and the death toll has increased to causing new death to 97. Now the total number of deaths in Italy has stood at 463 while number of infected stands at 9172 people.

The country's Civil Protection Agency disclosed information on Monday (March 9).

Italy's Ministry of Health claimed that 724 people have been recovered from coronavirus through treatment. Italy's Coronavirus strain and death toll has risen alarmingly since the evening of Sunday (March 8), around I crore 60 lakh citizens of various cities in the Lombardia region have been placed in the mandatory quarantine.

Meanwhile, the Italian government has previously taken several drastic measures to prevent coronavirus infection. It is said that all schools and universities will remain closed until the middle of March.

People have been urged to avoid events or sports that can create crowds throughout Italy. They have been told to avoid hugs, handshakes and kisses as much as possible. Other people have been asked to stay at least 1 to 2 meters away. People over the age of 65 have been advised to stay in the house, older or ill have been told to avoid gatherings.

Italian Army Chief Salvatore Farina resigned Monday after being attacked by coronavirus.

Italy is now economically in disadvantageous position by the impact of the coronavirus. Experts fear that the country will face more difficulties economically if the coronavirus cannot be prevented. Meanwhile, other countries have lost contact with the country. Flights are closed in different countries with the country.

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi expatriates have become terrified of Italy's coronavirus. Although no migrant Bangladeshi has been reported to be infected with the virus till now.

The Help Desk has been opened at the Bangladesh Embassy in Rome, Italy. If any Bangladeshi expatriate is infected by coronas, they are asked to call 1500 and 112 over phone.

Italy's political and community leaders have asked expatriate Bangladeshis to be careful not to be scared by the Corona virus.