Morbid Italy is back to life

Ismail Hossain Sawpan, from Italy
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The European country of Italy was the second worst affected by the deadly coronavirus after China. The pandemic virus was spreading there in the blink of an eye. Within a few days Italy, one of the most beautiful and tourist destinations in Europe became a infernal region.

Italy is returning from the brink of that destruction. Every day thousands of people in the country are recovering after fighting against corona.

The lockdown has been relaxed since May 4 as the incidence of corona in Italy continues to decline. After about two long months, the citizens of Italy got the opportunity to come out of the house. About half a crore people have joined the work. Manufacturing industry, construction sector, wholesale shops, flower and fruit shops were reopened.

Italy returns to life after two months of relaxation. The busiest streets are buzzing with noise and excitement. The city's busiest streets, parks, beaches and other open spaces are full of city dwellers.

Meanwhile, shops, restaurants and hair- salons are opening in the second phase from Monday as the situation in Italy is under control. At the same time the places of worship are being opened. Prayers have also been allowed in mosques from Monday (May 18).

It is learned that conditionally, more than 200 worshipers will be able to perform prayers in the mosque simultaneously. However, the prayers must be performed while maintaining the social distancing (1 meter).

Everyone has to manage everything according to the rules until the corona is completely finished. The government has advised everyone to use masks in the interest of safety.
Besides, it has been decided to open the school from mid-September. However, the use of masks will be made compulsory in schools.