Five organizations who are ahead in producing corona vaccine

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Five organizations who are ahead in producing corona vaccine

Five organizations who are ahead in producing corona vaccine

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Five leading organizations of the world are in the race to develop an antidote to the corona pandemic. As promised, the effectiveness of the corona vaccine will be known in June. The corona vaccine can be applied to the human body from September. It may take another three to six months for the vaccine to reach the rest of the world.

Five companies that are ahead in the race to make vaccines:


In January, just eight weeks after the release of the genetic sequence of Covid-19, Mordana began the first clinical trial of the MRNA-1273 vaccine. United States-based Massachusetts Biotechnology Institute (Mordana). The U.S. Biotech reported Monday (May 18) that the vaccine was administered to 45 volunteers in an initial trial. Mordana claims the vaccine produced antibodies among the volunteers. The company plans to launch a large clinical trial in July to see if the vaccine actually works in the human body. The MRNA-1273 vaccine has also been shown to develop resistance to the virus in rat lungs.


Chinese company Cancino Biologics. They have started the second clinical trial after completing the first trial of Cancino's Ad5-NCOV vaccine. The vaccine made by Cancino is a DNA vaccine like Oxford. The cancino, which works with the People's Liberation Army's medical science force, did not release details of the first-stage test. That being said, the second phase of the clinical trial is based on the first phase of ‘initial safety information’. In the second phase, about 500 volunteers took part in the trial.

Oxford: University

Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Their corona CHADX1 ENCOV-19 vaccine. The effectiveness of the vaccine will be known by June, scientists said. If the vaccine is effective, they are moving forward with the goal of producing one million doses of the vaccine by September. We are confident about the vaccine, said Sir John Bell, the Rigious Professor of Medicine at Oxford University. Because it is capable of making strong antibodies the UK's largest pharmaceutical company has already signed a contract with Oxford to develop the AstraZeneca vaccine.

London Imperial College:

Imperial is developing a vaccine that has not been tested before. The team, led by Professor Robin Shatak, has been testing the vaccine on animals since early February. In June, they talked about vaccinating the human body. Initially, it received governments’ 22.5 million dollars as government funding to conduct research. The company was recently announced to pay an additional 16.5 million dollars. It will be able to start three clinical trials later this year. However, the chances of using any effective vaccine in the UK by September are very high.


U.S. biotech company Innovio Pharmaceutical. Inovio last month got an approval of a trial application of a possible coronavirus vaccine. There is a promise of pre-models of the INO-4800 vaccine resistance. The company has enrolled 40 healthy people for its first phase of testing. Hopefully, they can go to the functionality test stage in June. The company has received a total of 14 million dollars in grants from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations for the vaccine.

According to the Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University, the number of coronavirus infected in the world is 48, 19, 959. The number of death is 3 lakh 18 thousand 833 and the number of recovered people is 17 lakh 95 thousand 922.

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