Chinese military gives approval to use Corona vaccine

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The Chinese military has approved the use of the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine will be used only in military personnel at an early stage.

On Monday (June 29), Beijing-based biotech company Synovac disclosed the information.

China's Central Military Commission approved the vaccine for one year on June 25.

The Chinese company Synovac said its laboratory Coronavac vaccine is capable of fighting corona. Now they are just waiting for the mass production clearance. The company said it is ready to produce 10 crore doses a year to prevent corona. The vaccine has also been shown to have promising results in monkeys. The company is preparing for mass production of the vaccine to prevent coronavirus.

It is a recombinant adenovirus vector-based vaccine invented by the People's Liberation Army Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the Chinese company Cancino Bio. The vector vaccine is safe and capable of eradicating many diseases at once. The vaccine is capable of counteracting the proteins of coronavirus and building immunity in the body. It has no side effects.

Sinovac has experience developing drugs against the virus worldwide. Synovac Biotech was the first pharmaceutical company to market the swine flu vaccine in 2009.