New controversial security law: 180 arrested in Hong Kong

International Correspondent,
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Photo: collected

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Police in riot gear stormed a rally and arrested 180 protestations who were demonstrating against the controversial Security Law passed in the Chinese parliament.

Thousands of people gathered on Hong Kong's main road on Wednesday (July 1) to mark the 23rd anniversary of the end of British rule. At the time, protesters chanted slogans against the new security law.

Police informed that for some criminal offences those agitators were arrested under the new security law.

The protesters chanted slogans such as 'Release Hong Kong', 'Oppose black-clad police'. Besides, many also chanted slogans in the context of corruption. Many wrote on black placards, "Oppose bad national security laws."

Police in riot gear dispersed the rally by using spray, water canon and tear shells. Finally 180 demonstrating people were taken to police custody to quell the agitation.

Death penalty has been introduced as a punishment for violating the controversial Hong Kong Security Act passed by the Chinese parliament. It was passed in Beijing's highest legislature on Tuesday (June 30).

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