Corona death toll exceeds 5 lakh around the globe

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The number of people infected by corona in the world has exceeded 1 crore and 7.5 lakh. So far 5 lakh 18 thousand 46 people have died. However, it is hoped that 59 lakh 34 thousand 335 people have already recovered from the corona with treatment.

The data was released on the website of the international survey organization World and Meter on Thursday (July 2).

No new deaths have been reported in China, according to the survey. The death toll has dropped in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The number of recovery is increasing day by day in the countries. In addition to the number of corona cases in Brazil, the number of recovery is also increasing.

The United States currently tops the list in terms of attacks and deaths, behind Italy, Spain and China. So far 26 lakh 69 thousand 558 people have been infected with corona in the country. However, 1 lakh 30 thousand 69 people lost their lives in America and 11 lakh 64 thousand 21 people recovered.

Brazil is second in terms of attacks and deaths. The number of corona infections in the country has exceeded 14 lakh. 60 thousand 613 people have died in Brazil. The number of victims and deaths is increasing rapidly in the country. At the same time the number of recovery is also increasing. So far 8 lakh 26 thousand 7 people have recovered.

Russia is in third place in terms of attacks. A total of 6 lakh 54 thousand 405 people have been infected with corona in the country and 9 thousand 537 people have died. In Russia, 4 lakh 22 thousand 931 people have recovered from corona.

The United Kingdom ranks third in terms of deaths. So far 43,906 people have been killed and 3, 13,463 infected in this European country.

Spain is the fifth European country to be affected. In the country, 2 lakh 96 thousand 739 people have been infected with corona and 28 thousand 373 people have died.

The number of victims and deaths is increasing day by day in Peru. So far 2 lakh 8 thousand 47 people have been infected in the country and 9 thousand 60 people have died.

In another European country, Italy, 34,008 people died of corona while 240,070 people were infected. In Iran, 2, 30,211 people were infected and 10,958 people died. 29,071 people, 1 lakh 98 thousand 324 people were infected in Germany and 9 thousand 61 people died.

Meanwhile, the number of cases of coronavirus infection has decreased in China, which was the top country in terms of infection a few days ago. No new deaths have been reported in the country in the past few days. A total of 83,534 people were infected in China and 4,634 people died. Besides, 78,479 people have recovered.

On the other hand, South Asian country India is at number 4 now in terms of infection. The number of corona patients in the country is 6 lakh 5 thousand 216 people. Of these, 17,848 people died. Besides, 3 lakh 59 thousand 891 people have recovered.

According to the latest data from the National Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), corona has been identified in the bodies of 1, 49,258 people in Bangladesh. Of these, 1888 people have died and 62,106 have returned home healthy.

It should be noted that this new virus mainly causes a large infection in the lungs. Fever, cough, and respiratory problems are the main symptoms. Analysis of the genetic code of the new virus has shown that it is very similar to the SARS virus. There are many debates going on in world politics about this virus.

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