The country is developing as AL in power: Sheikh Hasina

Senior Correspondent,
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

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Awami League chief and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has issued a stern warning to those who are dragging leaders and activists from one side to the other to make the party strong.

She said that when she was in power for a long time, some people from several origins joined the alliance and joined the party and committed various misdeeds, the burden of which had to be borne by the party. Uses very well when it comes, moves in such a way that some of us pull them in to team up. But taking it is really very harmful for us. We have support of the people, we have people, we have organizations. Bangladesh Awami League is the only organization; our organization is well organized up to the grassroots. That is how ideological organizations have to be built. The country is developing because there is Awami League.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing a discussion meeting organized by Bangladesh Awami League Dhaka Metropolitan North and South on the occasion of National Mourning Day on Sunday (August 30). From Ganobhaban, the Prime Minister joined via video conference
and said, I have repeatedly warned the leaders and activists from the very beginning that such things are done especially by military dictators. All these political parties are those who have come or those who were with the war criminals should not come to our party because they actually damage the party. They kill the best leaders and workers of the party because of the mishap; the quarrel of the party comes out. But if you look, you will see that they have flown from here to there and sat all over.

The Prime Minister said the coronavirus came at a time when all the work was being done to build a developed and prosperous country. It is not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. Today, all countries have stagnant economies due to the global coronavirus. In the meantime, we are able to continue working with our limited time. That is why our reserves have increased to 39 million dollars.
Because of the coronavirus, there is no such hue and cry in our country like other countries, she said. Even then we are doing as much as we need to do medical treatment. I'll do it. We have ensured medical services from every district hospital to the union sub-centers. We are trying to create health awareness. She urged everyone to wear masks and walk in health conscious manner. ‘Protecting Yourself Protects Others’. It must be obeyed. It is a virus that no one can see but has infected many people. We are trying to reduce the death rate. We are making all arrangements so that the infection reduces.

The Prime Minister said, I have dedicated my life for the welfare of the people of the country. The only goal is to make Bangladesh, the golden Bangladesh, the dream of the Father of the Nation. May be there are obstacles to keep going. The Awami League has to keep pushing against the current. We are accustomed to dealing with that adversity for the people of Bangladesh and we are always ready to accept any sacrifice. The way the Father of the Nation has gone with blood. We are also ready to give blood to change the destiny of the people of Bengal. History was distorted as many tried to delete his name from among us. They erased what he had fought for freedom. The March 7 speech was banned.