‘There is no alternative to build up improved communication network’

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Dhaka: Local Government Minister Tajul Islam said, Institutions under the Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges and all other concerned should work together for the construction of roads and bridges in the national interest for the development of the country. There is no alternative to build up improved road connectivity to every village in the country to keep the growing rural economy afloat.

Tajul Islam held a meeting with the Local Government Department, Planning Commission, LGED and Roads and Highways Department to change the design for sustainable construction of roads in rural, union, upazilla and industrial areas.

The meeting was held at the conference room of the Local Government Division on Wednesday (September 2) chaired by the Minister.

At the meeting, Tajul Islam said, Roads and bridges were once built at low cost in the country. As a result, these road-bridges would not be sustainable. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the correct estimated cost for the sustainable construction of all roads, including the local level.
Mentioning that a study related to the design of rural roads has been done by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) at this time, the local government minister proposed to make rural roads 10 feet, 12 feet at union level, 18 to 20 feet at upazilla level and 18 to 36 feet for industrial area.

Tajul Islam said, just as government officials and employees will be punished for doing substandard work, the contractor will be brought under double fine.

The local government minister said, many officials and contractors are doing well. But for a few, the reputation of the whole organization is being tarnished.

He further said, ongoing projects of the local government division were mainly included in the 2018 election manifesto of the present government.

The meeting was attended by Helaluddin Ahmed, Senior Secretary, Local Government Division, Shamima Nargis, Member (Senior Secretary), Planning Commission, Chief Engineer, LGED and Chief Engineer, Roads and Highways Department.