Govt. extends Khaleda's release for more 6 months

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The law ministry has conditionally extended the release of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia for another six months. Law Minister Anisul Haque confirmed the news to the media on Thursday (September 3).

"I have extended Khaleda Zia's release conditionally for another six months," he said. According to the previous conditions, her sentence has been suspended from the date of completion of six months and he has been released by an executive order. He will not be able to go abroad during this time.

Khaleda Zia's younger brother Shamim Iskander's application of March 24 conditionally suspended the sentence in an executive order, the government released Khaleda Zia for six months.

Khaleda Zia was released on the same day after serving more than two years in jail in a corruption case. She is now free and will be released on September 24. In that context, on August 25, Shamim Iskander applied for permanent release on behalf of their family.

Now the law ministry has sent their views on the application. The law minister said it was not a release on parole or bail. The release comes after the government suspended the sentence on the basis of its powers under the Criminal Procedure Code.