Energypack is working to save the rivers of the country

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One time turbulent rivers have become polluted over time and are now dirty. Most are under survival threat and several are almost endangered. In this situation, Energypack Power Generation Limited, one of the leading companies in the power and energy sector of the country, has come forward to protect the river alongside many other organizations.

A survey found that 435 rivers in Bangladesh are now under threat. Of these, 50-60 rivers are endangered. However, it is hoped that the government as well as a number of responsible institutions have come forward to protect the country's rivers. Among them is Energypack Power Generation Limited, one of the leading companies in the power and energy sector.

Since its inception, the staff-friendly organization has been working tirelessly for the welfare of the country and the people. Through the responsibility, dedication and relentless work of every employee, Energypack has been able to build a strong position in Bangladesh.

The company believes that making a profit cannot be the key to any organization. An organization succeeds only when they bring about positive change in the individual and society by removing the negative impact of the society through responsible activities. The social responsibility programs of the responsible organizations play an important role in bringing positivity in the society and individual life.

Energypack Bangladesh has taken new initiatives to protect the river under their social responsibility program. It started from the G-Gas LPG plant area at Dakope in Khulna. In the meantime, the company has spent about Taka 6 crore on river protection in Chalna and Batiaghata areas of Dakope. This initiative will undoubtedly help in protecting rivers and riverside infrastructure and villages.

Through the project, the organization has provided employment opportunities to the local people. More than 250 people are involved in the river cleaning program. The river cleanup initiative is expected to benefit thousands of families in 25 villages in various ways.

The river cleaning activities started in 2018 and the plant of the organization is running in an area of about one and a half thousand meters of Batiaghata landing station. In the meantime, approximately one metric ton of garbage has been collected.

The organization is constantly running various awareness campaigns to make the local people aware of the importance of the river. The company plans to install an 'automatic garbage collection system' in the drainage line in the future.

In addition, Energypack Power Generation Limited has planned to take various awareness programs to protect the country's rivers and clean the sea beaches.

In this riverine country, the rivers are in danger now. Concerned people fear that if the river is not protected, a terrible situation is waiting in the country in the coming days resulting desertification. Therefore, it is possible to protect the rivers of the country only if everyone has a conviction in this regard.

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