Saudi embassy to extend visa period of the stranded Bangladeshi expatriates

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Photo: Collected

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The Saudi embassy in Dhaka is extending the exit re-entry visa for expatriate workers on leave, said Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmed. For this they have to pay Tk. 6,500.

He told the media on Wednesday (October 14).

The Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment said the visa period for expatriate workers on leave is being extended till October 30. Even if the visa is extended for such a short period of time, not all expatriates will be able to go to Saudi Arabia due to the low number of flights. By doing this, the expatriates will face new problems.

"We want to extend the visa for another month," he said. Talks have already been held with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Government is discussing with the concerned to increase the number of flights for sending the expatriates.

Authorities at the Saudi Visa Service Center will be able to view the visa extension process online from Tuesday (October 13) afternoon. They said the embassy has begun work to extend the visa. For this, expatriate workers will need a valid passport, a copy of the valid or non-valid Akama, two passport size photographs.

Those whose visa period has expired will have to pay a fine of Tk. 2,600 or a fee. The embassy is extending the validity of the visa after submitting the passport with the normal fee of Tk. 3,900. So far, the expatriates have to pay a total of Taka six thousand five hundred including fines.