Corona ban on the entry of Bangladeshi expats in Italy relaxed

Ismail Hossain Sawpan, From Italy
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Due to the coronavirus, the ongoing ban on entry into Italy from 16 countries, including Bangladesh, has been relaxed somewhat positively. The ban has been reduced and extended from October 14 to November 13.

Viaggiare Sicuri under the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) have confirmed the matter to the airline authorities.

It is learned that those who have 'Karta courtesy' in the new DPCM and their family members, who have been in Italy before July 9, 2020, will initially be allowed to return to Italy from October 14.

Immigration authorities in both countries may need to wait 1 to 2 days to confirm the final approval and to know the details of the next steps.

However, as a condition, it has been made mandatory to bring an authentic negative certificate of Covid-19 test. After arriving in Italy, their Covid-19 will be tested again at the airport. After going to Italy, you have to observe quarantine for 10 days. This time, if anyone breaks the law, he will be jailed and there is a possibility of revoking the Italian resident permit.

Last May-July, Bangladeshis came to Italy on a few chartered planes and when they arrived, they went around with coronavirus without following the quarantine. The Italian government closed the entry of Bangladeshis to Italy due to corona patients and fake corona certificates. As a result, about 10 thousand Italian expatriates are stuck in Bangladesh. Many of them have already lost their jobs. The rest are afraid of becoming unemployed.

Expatriate Bangladeshis have already formed a human chain in front of the Italian embassy in Bangladesh to return to Italy. On October 19, a five-member delegation on behalf of the expatriates will hold talks with the Honorable Ambassador of Italy to Bangladesh to allow all of them to return to Italy easily.