War on Corona vaccine front!

Dr. Mahfuz Parvez, Associate Editor, Barta24.com
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Dhaka:  While the threat of a second surge of coronavirus is on the rise, health research institutes and pharmaceutical companies are fighting for the coronavirus vaccine. The fight has been named 'vaccine war'!

International media are reporting fierce competition between scientists and stakeholders around the world over the discovery of the vaccine in the face of the second wave of corona. It is said that there is a worldwide competition for the first vaccine to be recognized internationally, including vaccines from Oxford University and AstraZeneca, vaccines from Sinovac in China, vaccines from the US Company Pfizer and vaccines from Johnson & Johnson.

As a precautionary measure, the companies have started marketing vaccines to the public. Millions of doses of the vaccine have been manufactured at Pfizer's Puurs Belgium factory. They will be used only if their vaccine is successful in clinical trials.

Pfizer expects to produce 10 crores doses of vaccine this year. From there, 4 crore will go to Britain. Patients who receive this vaccine will need to take a second dose. Vaccines are usually tested for many years before they can be made. Recognition is then given based on that test. But this time, scientists are trying hard to bring a vaccine to the way the corona virus has ravaged the world.

It is to be noted that at present there are at least trials of 40 vaccines have been going on in the human body. There are 156 other vaccines in the pre-clinical stage. The third phase of the test is led by the US-German Bioentech and Pfizer vaccines, the Oxford University and Estrogen Gene vaccines, the US biotechnology Moderna vaccine, the US-based Johnson & Johnson vaccine, China's Cinopharma and Sinovac vaccines.

However, experts believe that vaccines will not be widely used before next spring because, even if the vaccine comes, Covid-19 cannot be stopped completely. Only smallpox has been completely eradicated by vaccination. But the corona virus does not seem to be completely eradicated. It can stay for a long time like all other seasonal flu.