Prime Minister asks commercial banks to be more sincere in corona pandemic

Senior Correspondent,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked the commercial banks to be more sincere in extending the benefits of the government's stimulus package to the affected small traders to make up for the losses of the corona crisis.

The Prime Minister said this while receiving a grant from the Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB) at the Prime Minister's Relief Reserve on Wednesday (October 28).

35 commercial banks have donated 25.95 lakh blankets to the Prime Minister's relief fund to help the cold-stricken people in the coming season. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Principal Secretary Dr. Ahmed Kaikaus received those blankets. At that time, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was connected to the Prime Minister's Office by video conference from Ganobhaban.

Addressing the owners of commercial banks, Sheikh Hasina said, "I know it costs a little more and costs more. Officially we are going through but if the private banks also come here.

He added that there might be a little problem in the beginning. But there is no doubt that the private banks will be benefitted when they can start business later.

Highlighting the government's initiative to provide houses for the homeless in the country, the Prime Minister said, "No one will be homeless or landless in the country in Mujib barsha - the government is working towards that goal."

Calling on the banks to stand by the homeless, the Prime Minister said, "If anyone in your area is landless, homeless, you can also build some houses for them." We are giving on behalf of the government, but also various institutions are giving.

Noting that there were not as many private banks in the country as there are now, the Awami League chief said, "There were many obstacles, there were objections from many international organizations and there was a suggestion to close the non-profit branches of the bank but we did not listen."

Noting that her government has placed utmost importance on food production, she said, "Despite repeated natural disasters in corona, today we have been able to increase food production and ensure food security for the people."

"Ensuring food security is absolutely necessary, the Prime Minister said, “Your back can bear the load if you are properly fed.”

Calling on everyone in Bangladesh to be more aware than before to protect themselves from the coronavirus, the Prime Minister said, "Corona is now under control, but you have seen the outbreak of corona again in different countries including Europe. In that case you have to be aware from now on.”