‘We cannot put our students at risk by opening educational institutions’- Prime Minister

Senior Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that there is no doubt that the children are suffering due to the closure of educational institutions. But even then I can't put them at risk of death. Coronavirus is a contagious disease. The treatment has not come out yet, yet we are giving treatment to the people who are getting better. Why would we take this risk for boys and girls there?

The Leader of the House said this in her concluding address to the 10th session of the 11th Jatiyo Sangsad(JS) on Thursday (November 19) night.

In response to a statement from the Leader of the Opposition, GM Quader, about the reopening of the school, the Prime Minister said that at one stage they were forced to close the school in the United States. It happened in Europe, it happened in England. Its cause is growing at a massive rate there. We were also preparing. Whenever the incidence of corona subsided I consulted with the Minister of Education. But then I saw the outbreak of corona in Europe again.

The Prime Minister said, nowadays everyone goes to build a happy family and maybe lives alone with one or two children. Before, there was a close-knit family, everyone used to laugh and play together. Now that opportunity is less.

"I will talk about auto promotion," she said. We did not have this semester system before; I came to the government for the first time and introduced the semester system. So there will be a result based on the test they have given throughout the year, but also in England. It has given in many countries of the world. It's not too much of a loss. They will go to school, study and take exams. Those who will survive will be tested again. They have that opportunity. So auto promotion is a big loss but it is not right. If you sit down and write on that one day, you will pass it, and the result of the whole year examination will not be the result, but it will not be the result. There are better results.

The Prime Minister said, "We have already nationalized the educational institutions." School colleges have also been established in each district and upazilla. All have also been registered with MPO. Why all should be nationalized? Is there a rule to school? Many did not follow that rule. Where ever a school has opened. Maybe there are no students, there are such. There are more teachers than students. That is applicable to all madrasas and schools.