‘Bangabandhu’s January 10 speech had all the guideline to run a state’

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that Bangabandhu's speech delivered at the Racecourse ground (now Shurawardy Udyan) on January 10, 1972, after his return from captivity to Pakistan, had all the directions to run the country.

She made the remarks while attending a virtual meeting at the Awami League's central office on Sunday (January 10). The Prime Minister took part in the discussion through video conference from Ganobhaban.

Sheikh Hasina said, as soon as he came to Dhaka, the father of the nation rushed to the racecourse ground. The speech he then gave there contained all the guidelines for running an independent state. However, he did not have any paper in hand, he said.

She added, a person can make such sacrifices if he is dedicated to a nation, how much he loved people. To know that, we should listen to the speech of the new generation including the leaders and workers of Awami League on March 7 and the speech on January 10 again and again. Only then will everyone get a motivation and direction to do politics. '

The Prime Minister said, Father of the Nation lost 40 pounds from Pakistani jail. However, on his release, he left for London with his emaciated body and met with Prime Minister Heath, held a press conference and met with expatriate Bangladeshis. From there he returned to the country via Delhi, where he met Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the President VV Giri, where he also addressed the people. After that he came to Dhaka and ran to the racecourse ground.

She said, in that speech, he had expressed his gratitude to all those who have cooperated with the friendly country, as well as the torture of the people of the country by the Pakistani forces. Our only concern is the welfare of the nation for which our great leader has given his life. Make their lives beautiful. And we are working towards that goal. We will build a developed and prosperous golden Bangladesh by keeping the country free from terrorism and militancy - this is our promise on this Father's Day.

He added, this nation will continue to stand tall in the world. Today those who wanted to make this nation fail have failed. Today, we will take Bangladesh forward by maintaining the status that Bangladesh has gained as an independent country in the world. As the landlord of this country, the father of the nation was the first to take over the rule of the country. None of those who were in power before that were born in this country.

Sheikh Hasina said, the Father of the Nation called for a second revolution to radically change the system of governance that had been in place since the British rule. If it could do that, then in just 5 years, Bangladesh could be developed as a golden Bangladesh free from hunger and poverty. There is no doubt about it. Because, when I go to run the country today, I see that he has laid the foundation of all the work. It is a wonder how the father of the nation has gone through so many laws and policies during his rule of only three and a half years. '

The Prime Minister said, the anti-independence activists never wanted Bangladesh to stand on its own two feet by becoming self-reliant. And for this they not only killed the father of the nation, they deviated from all the ideals of our liberation war. For generations they have not been able to know the exact history of the country, we have a lot to be proud of as a victorious nation. Many people did not know that. History was distorted. Only after the Awami League comes to power can everyone know the history slowly.

Sheikh Hasina said, the most hopeful thing for our new generation is to know the history of the country. There is no doubt that this coronavirus has hampered our progress to some extent.

She added, we are celebrating the year of Mujib and in a few days we will celebrate the golden jubilee of independence. We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the declaration of independence on March 26 by the Father of the Nation.

The Prime Minister said, I am not able to do what I am supposed to do for coronavirus. But we have decided that for the nation for which the Father of the Nation has made so many sacrifices, we will give an address to all the people of that country, that is, to the homeless people. I would request all the organizations including Awami League leaders and workers, Chhatra League, Juba League, Swechchhasebak League, Krishak League, Sramik League and Juba Mahila League to tell us about the homeless, landless poor man next to our house.

She said, soon we will provide houses to 46,000 people and houses for 76,000 people are being built. We want to make a list of how many people are homeless. Not a single person will be homeless. Electricity will reach 100% of people's houses. We will illuminate every house. We have also provided medical services to the people. '

We have already made all arrangements to procure a vaccine for coronavirus, she said. Inshallah will come. Even then I will say that everyone has to abide by the health protection rules. You have to protect yourself and others by following the rules of health protection. '

The party's publicity secretary Dr. Abdus Sobhan Golap moderated the meting while it also addressed among others by Obaidul Quader, General Secretary of the party and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges; Abdur Razzak, Ramesh Chandra Sen and Abdul Matin Khasru, Joint General Secretary Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif, Organizing Secretary Ahmed Hossain, BM Mozammel and SM Kamal Hossain, Engineer Abdus Sabur, Dr. Rokeya Sultana, President of Dhaka Metropolitan North and South Awami League Sheikh Bazlur Rahman and Abu Ahmed Mannafi and General Secretaries SM Mannan Kochi and Humayun Kabir spoke.