BRICM claims innovation of corona destroying nasal spray

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Photo: Collected

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The Bangladesh Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (BRICM) has claimed the invention of a nasal spray that can destroy the coronavirus, which locates at the junction of the human nose, nostrils, mouth cavity and respiratory tract.

BRICM presented the claim for the first time at a meeting of the Standing Committee on the Ministry of Science and Technology held at the Parliament House on Tuesday (January 12).

Representatives of BRICM told the meeting that if the solution they have prepared is sprayed after 3/4 hours, the coronavirus located at the junction of nose, nostrils, mouth cavity and respiratory tract will be destroyed. If someone goes near an infected person and the infection occurs, this spray will destroy the virus.

It was further informed that the trial of this spray has been done among 200 Covid-19 patients at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Evidence of viral load reduction in Covid-19 patients was found. The name of the spray is 'Bangosef Oro Nasal Spray'. Bangladesh is the first country to invent such a spray. Committee member Habib-e Millat MP said the committee had asked for this spray for further clinical trials. Besides, approval has been sought from Bangladesh Medical Research Council and concerned departments.