‘Pourashava election cannot be termed as participatory’

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Election Commissioner (EC) Mahbub Talukder has said that the Pourashava elections held today cannot be called participatory.

He made the remarks in a written statement to reporters at his office at the Election Building in Agargaon on Saturday (January 16).

Earlier, he visited the Savar pourashava election. Mahbub Talukder said, "I visited 18 booths in three polling stations of Savar municipality and saw that 1,232 out of 7,311 voters had cast their votes in those polling stations till 1 pm."

He said, polling agents of 3 opposition candidates were seen in 3 booths but there were no agents anywhere else. Besides, he did not see any posters of the opposition candidate in Savar poura area. In such a situation this election cannot be called participatory.

He added that the violence in the municipal elections is continuing. Violence and elections cannot go together. This violence cannot be stopped unless the electoral process changes. Everyone needs to agree on this. Human life is much more valuable than any election.