‘Pourashava election held peacefully across the country’

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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The overall situation of all the pourashava elections in the country was very good and peaceful, claimed the senior secretary of the Election Commission (EC) Md. Alamgir. He said, "The municipal elections were held in a beautiful and peaceful manner. According to media reports, many voters were present at the center. Everyone voted spontaneously.

He made the remarks while talking to reporters at the Agargaon Election Building on Saturday (January 16).

The EC secretary said, "I have received reports of violence in one or two of the 650 polling stations." This is not a big deal. Is there no election violence in our country? In almost all elections some violence takes place.

In some areas, miscreants try to disrupt the election environment. They try to disrupt the election process. But law enforcement agencies brought everything under control.

He added that miscreants had tried to snatch ballot papers at a center in Boalmari pourashava in Rajshahi out of 60 pourashavas. But they could not take the ballot papers. However, since the ballot box was broken, the presiding officer postponed the polling at that polling station. An attempt was also made to snatch ballot papers from a center in Kishoreganj and the election was declared closed.

Besides, voting has been completed smoothly in all the centers of 60 pourashavas. Md. Alamgir said, "According to the information we have received so far, the EVM has the highest turnout of 80 per cent and the lowest 55 per cent. However, the maximum rate in the ballot is 75 percent and the lowest is 15 percent. Of course this is not the final calculation. Overall, 70-75 percent of the votes can be cast.

In response to Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder's remarks, he said, "Participatory elections and neutral elections are different issues." It is the responsibility of the EC to conduct a neutral election. If no one comes to the polls, the EC has nothing to do. It may be a tactics of a political party to come to the polls or not. '