‘Once Intellectuals did not recognize the role of Bangabandhu in Language Movement’

Senior Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that many intellectuals would not agree to accept Bangabandhu's role in the language movement.

She was speaking at the inauguration of a four-day event organized by the International Mother Language Institute on Sunday (February 21). The Prime Minister attended the function virtually from her official residence Ganobhaban.

Habibullah Siraji, Director General of Bangla Academy, presented the keynote paper titled 'Bangabandhu in Language Movement' at a function organized on the occasion of Great Shaheed Dibash and International Mother Language Day.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, "Bangladesh earned independence through the language movement under the leadership of Bangabandhu. But many scholars have tried to say- ‘He was in jail, how could participate the language movement again?’ But my question is why did he go to jail? He had to go to jail for initiating the language movement. That is why he was repeatedly arrested. He had to serve a long prison term. "

She further said, "I have repeatedly spoken about the contribution of the Father of the Nation in the language movement. When everyone denied it, I would say it too much. Today it seems - I do not need to say. Now you can know everything. You can find out a lot more about this from Pakistan's intelligence report. '

Sheikh Hasina said, "We have gained independence through the language movement. The Father of the Nation started the struggle for the liberation of Bengalis from the language movement. Under his leadership we achieve victory. I get an independent state recognized as an independent nation. We were trying to erase the consciousness we were working with after the assassination of Bangabandhu. Attempts were made to remove Bangabandhu's name from the freedom struggle of Bangladesh. '

She added, "Today we have the opportunity to speak our own language in exchange for blood, which has gained international recognition. Today not only Bangladesh, but also all the countries of the world are celebrating this day. We must learn another language for international communication. But at the same time you have to learn your mother tongue. '

Explaining the purpose of establishing the International Mother Language Institute, the Head of Government said, "We have set up this International Mother Language Institute to protect the rights of languages, respect the language and preserve the lost languages." We started building this institute. But after the BNP came to power, it stopped working. I came to power again in 2009 and started. We have continued its work. Our goal is to preserve samples of lost and endangered languages from around the world. Also to research, to preserve the history of language. A language museum has been set up for this purpose. We have taken this measure so that no language is lost. '

Later, the International Mother Language Medal was awarded at the ceremony. National Professor Linguist and Nazrul Researcher Dr. Rafiqul Islam and Mathura Bikash Tripura, Executive Director of Jabarang Kalyan Samiti of Khagrachhari, received the Mother Language Medal at the national level. Ismailov Gulam Mirzayevich, a researcher from Uzbekistan, received the medal at the international level. The Bangladesh government also honored the Bolivian online-based initiative Activismo Lenquas for its work on ethnic languages. Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni on behalf of the Prime Minister handed over the medal.