‘Book based on Pakistan’s intelligence reports is an important document of history’

Senior Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
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Calling on Awami League leaders and activists to read books to know the true history of the country, Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, know the history. The countrymen will be able to know the exact history from that book. It is a valuable document.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing a discussion meeting organized by Bangladesh Awami League on the occasion of International Mother Language Day and February 21 in the afternoon of Monday (February 22). She addressed the meeting through video conference from Ganobhaban.

The Prime Minister said the book mentions what Bangabandhu did in the language movement. When did he distribute the leaflets? You will get all the information about when he wrote the slogan. They did this report not for him but against Bangabandhu, they did it out of their anger that he did this. We can know the history from it. If you want to know the history of language movement, you have to read this book. You will get valuable documents.

The book 'Secret Documents of Intelligence Branch on Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman' has been published on the report of Pakistani intelligence agency against Bangabandhu. In that book, from the beginning of the language movement in 1948 to the war of independence in 1971, this is the first volume of a 14-volume volume based on a 40,000-page report in 46 files of Pakistani intelligence against Bangabandhu. This first volume contains various information on Bangabandhu's movement, struggle, speech, movements and activities from 1948 to 1950. Haqqani Publishers is the publisher of the book.

The Prime Minister said the journey of the freedom struggle started from the language movement which resulted in the attainment of independence. If August 15, 1975 had not happened in our life, then a developed and prosperous country would have been formed long ago. A war-torn country, an exploited, deprived country, a country that was a province, was given the status of a least developed country by the Father of the Nation in just three and a half years. Following in the footsteps of the Father of the Nation, we are taking Bangladesh forward on the path of development. We are getting the status of a developing country, we are getting that recognition. We have our own culture, we have a tradition and we have to keep that tradition.

She said the killing of Sergeant Zahurul Haque was experimental for them as they wanted to kill Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib before they killed Sergeant Zahurul Haque. This happened on 15 February. With that murder, fire broke out all over Bangladesh. So Ayub Khan had no choice then, and on the 22nd Bangabandhu was released. The struggle and sacrifice behind each of our achievements. Bangabandhu wanted to build an independent state in such a way that the state would be a hunger-free, poverty-free golden Bengal.

"We are implementing the Father of the Nation policy," she said. We are celebrating the golden jubilee of independence. We will continue to celebrate the Mujib Year and golden jubilee of independence till December 2021. In the meantime I have decided that not a single person in Bangladesh will be homeless, we will provide them an address. I started it in '96. Following in the footsteps of the nation, we have achieved enough success in providing cluster villages as well as shelter projects, housing funds, homecoming programs for slum dwellers and various programs so that we can give a home to every person. So far I have given land to 9 lakh 96 thousand 346 people and houses to landless people. Mujib Year and the golden jubilee of independence, not a single person will remain without an address, this is our goal and we are implementing it.

The Awami League president said the only goal of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu was to change the fate of the exploited and deprived people. He dedicated his life to these people. He did not have any desire in his life. He wanted to change the destiny of these people because of the pain and suffering he suffered. With that goal in mind, he started various activities and took steps. Awami League came to power after 21 years, the Bangabandhu government took every step to provide food, clothing and shelter. One of the steps was to build houses for the homeless.

Addressing the Awami League leaders and workers and the people of the country, she said, "You will be vaccinated against coronavirus, but even if you are vaccinated, you have to abide by the health protection rules." You have to wear a mask and wash your hands. We have brought vaccine. Many countries could not. But it was possible to take action in advance, we are doing it. At the same time, everyone must be protected. Because how effective is it? It is still in the research stage. However, still it is protecting people. Even if you give protection, you have to protect yourself more because the second dose must be given.