The country is preparing for vaccine production: Health Minister

Staff Correspondent,
Health Minister Zahid Malek

Health Minister Zahid Malek

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Health Minister Zahid Malek said the country was preparing to produce the vaccine on the instructions of the Prime Minister. He said, "The Prime Minister has said that the corona vaccine should be made in the country itself. She instructed to do what is needed to make the vaccine in our country. We have started that work too. '

He made the remarks at a seminar in Dhaka on Monday (March 8).

Speaking at the seminar, the health minister said, "Corona infections and deaths are on the rise in the country. In the country, the highest number of corona has been identified in 8 weeks on the day of passing the year of identification. Experts have warned that another mild wave of corona may come in this situation.

Incidentally, on March 8 last year, Covid 19 was identified in the bodies of the first three people in the country. After overcoming various limitations and ups and downs in the health sector, Bangladesh is now raising hopes of controlling the pandemic.

On the other hand, a press release issued by the Directorate of Health on Monday said that all the corona indicators have suddenly gone up again. In the last 24 hours, 845 new people have been identified, which is the highest since January 13. And 14 people lost their lives in one day which is the highest death in one day after 24th February.

Experts at the seminar titled 'Bangladesh's Success and Challenges on the Day of Corona Recognition in the Country' said the nature of corona still needs to be monitored and research needs to be stepped up.