No test exam of SSC, form filling to begin from April 1

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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This year the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Test examination is not being held. Final examination form filling will start from April 1.

The announcement was made on Sunday (March 21) through a notification on the website of the Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Education.

According to the notification, a possible list containing the information of the students will be published on the website of the Board of Education on March 28. After that, filling up of the forms of SSC candidates will start from April 1 in accordance with the health rules. Students will be able to fill up the form till April 7 without any delay fee. The form can be filled online from April 10 to April 14 with delay fee.

According to the academic calendar, SSC and equivalent examinations start from February 1 every year. But this time the educational institution has been closed for more than a year due to corona. As a result, it has not been possible to take the test yet.

It is learned that the syllabus conducing 60 days has already been published for SSC candidates. After the school opens, they are scheduled to take classes for 60 working days and take exams. The government has announced to open schools and colleges from March 30. But with the recent fresh outbreak of corona, there have been renewed doubts about the opening of educational institutions. In this situation, the boards instructed to start filling the form.

This time SSC exam fee from students is Tk.100 per paper, practical fee is Tk. 30 per paper and academic transcript fee is Tk. 35 per examinee, original certificate is Tk.100 per student, Boys scout and Girl Guide fee is Tk.15 and national education weekly fee has been fixed at Tk. 5 per candidate. In addition, in case of irregular students, the enrollment fee for examinees has been fixed at Tk. 100 per examinee and for GPA improvement examinees it has been fixed at Tk. 100. The delay fee for filling the form has also been fixed at Tk. 100.

As such, the educational institutions will be able to charge a maximum fee of Tk. 1,970 from the students of the science department, a maximum of Tk. 1,850 from the candidates of the business education group and a maximum of Tk. 1,850 from the students of the humanities group.