Business establishments to open in Italy on April 26

Ismail Hossain Sawpan, Italy Correspondent,, Dhaka
Picture: Collected

Picture: Collected

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Italy is not getting rid of the terrible grip of the pandemic Coronavirus. Italy, devastated by the corona, seems to be unable to turn around. Lockdown has been given in several phases. Everything in Italy has been shut down except for emergency services.

However, the situation in Italy has begun to return to normal. From April 26, most of Italy will return to the yellow zone.

And from that day (April 26), the Italian government has decided to open all kinds of business establishments, including restaurants and bars, conditionally. However, the food should be served not inside but sitting on a chair-table outside the restaurant.

Apart from this, there will be no more restrictions from June 1, said the country's Prime Minister Mario Sarkar.

Locals as well as expatriate Bangladeshi businessmen living in the country have welcomed the decision of the Italian government.

However, due to the closure of Bangladesh's air links with Europe, many of the migrant workers stranded in the country on holiday will lose their jobs.