Where May Day begins

Azizar Rahman, Upazilla Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dinajpur
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Picture: Collected

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Today is the first of May. A glorious day of history of realizing the rights of working people. On this day, the working people showed how to assert their rights. Today is the great May Day for the realization of the rights and demands of millions of working people around the world.

It is known that in 1886, the workers of Haymarket in Chicago, USA, started a massive movement demanding fair wages and eight hours of work per day. Today is the great May Day. It made history through a bloody struggle for the rights of the working people who worked in the fields and factories. The workers were shedding blood on this day of 1886 to get rid of long deprivation and exploitation. On that day, workers called for a strike in all industrial areas of the United States, demanding eight hours of work. Hundreds of thousands of workers took to the streets of Chicago's Haymarket to protest the rally. At one point, police fired indiscriminately on protesters workers where 10-12 were killed.

In recognition of the bloody struggle in Chicago at the Second International Labor Conference held in Paris on 14 July 1889, May 1 was declared International Workers' Day to commemorate the event. Every year since 1890, the day has been observed as May Day in many parts of the world. May Day spirit will not be exploited, oppressed, tortured. Let this be our spirit.