Rangamati DC in the grip of technology fraudsters!

Alamgir Manik, District Correspondent, Barta24.com, Rangamati
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The Deputy Commissioner of Rangamati has again become the victim of mobile number cloning by technology fraudsters. On Monday, a gang demanded Tk. 2 lakh from several upazilla chairmen by cloning the Teletalk number of the government mobile phone used by the deputy commissioner.

Later, some of the chairman personally said the deputy commissioner. When Mizanur Rahman was informed about the matter, the matter of phone number cloning came up.

Deputy Commissioner Mizanur Rahman told this Correspondent that the chairmen of several upazilla councils including Rangamati's Sadar Upazila, Kaukhali, Bilaichhari and Jurachhari were called from my official mobile number 01550601401 and asked for Tk. 200,000 each. I was surprised when the chairman of Sadar upazilla informed me about the matter and at the same time everyone was informed that it was the work of fraudsters.

The deputy commissioner said a written complaint had already been lodged with the Rangamati police superintendent. Deputy Commissioner Mizanur Rahman also said that all kinds of technical activities are underway to identify the fraudsters.

Meanwhile, on June 21, 2018, during the tenure of the then deputy commissioner of Rangamati, Manunur Rashid, the fraudsters cloned the official number in the same manner and demanded extortion from various people. At that time, the deputy commissioner did not get involved in such activities in any way through his DC Rangamati Facebook ID status and urged to inform the district administration immediately if he gets any information against the fraudsters.

The fraudsters are demanding money by cloning the beans in the same way on Monday. After being informed about the matter, Rangamati Hill District Administration has requested all those involved in such traps to use the Facebook ID.

It is mentioned in the timeline of the said ID that money is being demanded from various government officials and people's representatives by cloning the Deputy Commissioner, Rangamati Hill District's official mobile number 01550601401. In this age of technological advancement, ordinary people are often deceived by call-shuffling at the hands of miscreants.

I request all the common people, people's representatives and officials of Rangamati to be careful in this regard. The perpetrators are using two numbers which are 0188319079, 01755728640.

It is to be noted that the fraudster is calling from the official number and saying- `I am calling from my personal number. 'The mobile number used by the fraudster is 01323722742. Legal action is being taken in the mentioned incident.