Mitu killed due to Babul-Gayatri's extramarital affair!

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
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Mahmuda Khanam Mitu was allegedly killed due to former SP Babul’s extramarital affairs with an NGO woman named Gayatri Amar Singh alleged Mitu’s father Mosharraf Hossain.

He made the allegation in a statement filed at the Pachalaish police station in Chittagong on Wednesday (May 12).

According to sources, Babul Akhtar fell in love with a woman named Gayatri while he was in Cox's Bazaar as an Additional Police Superintendent. The woman is an official of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Later, when Babul Akhtar was in Sudan on a mission in 2014-15, his wife Mahmuda Khanam Mitu found out about that extramarital love. According to the case statement, Gayatri texted 29 times on the phone left by Babul. Seeing them, Mitu wrote in his diary. Mitu also received two books of Gayatri which Gayatri had gifted to Babul. It is mentioned in the statement that Babul had written about meeting Gayatri in that book.

The statement further said that Babul used to torture Mitu physically and mentally if Mitu protested about this 'immoral relationship'. Her father mentioned in the statement that Mitu had informed about the torture.
However, the police did not agree to comment on the allegations of Mitu's father.

The PBI has remanded Babul Akter for five days for questioning in the case filed by Mitu's father. Apart from Babul Akter, Md. Mosharraf Hossain has accused seven people in his case.

Incidentally, on the morning of June 5, 2016, Mitu, the wife of police officer Babul Akter, was killed on the way to pick up her son on a school bus at the GEC intersection in Chittagong city. Babul was in Dhaka at that time to be promoted and join the police headquarters. Earlier, he was working in Chittagong Metropolitan Detective Police. After the murder, Babul Akhter filed a case against some unidentified persons at Panchlaish police station. However, there were rumors of his involvement in the police investigation. He then resigned from the job.