Seven day restrictions in Kurigram, strict lockdown if not obeyed

District Correspondent,, Kurigram
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The administration has decided to restrict public gatherings and restricted movement for a week in some wards and markets of the pourashava area of the district considering the level of corona infection in the northern district Kurigram. The decision was taken at a virtual meeting of the District Corona Committee on Monday (June 14) afternoon. Dr. Habibur Rahman, Civil Surgeon and Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Rezaul Karim have confirmed the information.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Rezaul Karim said, ‘We have done the mapping work as the corona infection has increased in the district. We are currently taking steps to control the movement and movement of people in wards 2, 3 and 7 of the pourashava area by determining which areas of the district have the highest level of infection. Infections are high in this area. We have imposed some restrictions in this area. The restriction will run from 5 pm on Tuesday (June 15) for the next 7 days. Even then, if the infection is not controlled, we will go into strict lockdown. '

The Deputy Commissioner said, "It has been decided to close all the shops in the town’s hospital area except the drug and food shops." In addition, restrictions will be imposed on the movement of motorcycles or auto rickshaws and rickshaws in Zia Bazaar and Pourashava Bazaar areas so that the gathering of people is less. '

He added, ‘A few points have been set. At those points, mobile courts will be used to control passenger transport and police will be deployed so that they do not enter the pourashava area with extra passengers. We will be monitoring for the next seven days. This approach can have an impact. If the situation does not improve, then I will go for a strict or all-out lockdown later, ”added the Deputy Commissioner. Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change Ziaul Hasan was connected at the virtual meeting which started at 4.30 pm, sources said.

Former Civil Surgeon of Kurigram Dr. Aminul Islam attended the meeting who said that due to the recent increase in the number of infections in Kurigram, the health department has recommended lockdown of several border upazillas, including the district's Sadar upazilla. Considering the discussions, proposals and the level of transmission, it has been decided to control the movement and free movement in three wards of Kurigram municipal area for the time being. In other words, restrictions are being brought on the movement of people.

According to the district health department, a sample test of 29 people in the district on Monday (June 14) identified corona in the bodies of 19 people, 13 of whom are residents of Sadar upazilla. In the last 9 days (from June 5 to June 14), corona has been detected in the bodies of 103 people out of 239 sample tests in the district. In this situation, the health department thinks that there is no alternative to lockdown in the area to control the infection as well as to make the people aware to follow the hygiene rules to prevent the infection.

 The health department further said that the level of infection is highest in Sadar upazilla of the district. Out of 103 people affected in the last 9 days, 79 are residents of Sadar upazilla.