Vaccine could come from China in July

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
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Picture: Collected

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Foreign Secretary Masood bin Momen said a Coronavirus vaccine could come from China in July under a trade deal.

The Foreign Secretary told reporters on Sunday (June 20) that talks with Sinopharm have already begun. Hopefully the agreement will be signed in July.

"There have been two rounds of talks on bringing vaccines from Russia," he said. And on the issue of getting vaccines from India, he said, they can give vaccines after October.

The government's talks to buy 1.5 crore doses of vaccines from China's Sinopharm almost came to an end last month. An additional government secretary told reporters after a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Procurement in the last week of last month how much price the Sinopharm vaccine was being bought from China. Criticism of the Sri Lankan government began in the Sri Lankan media after the price issue was published in newspapers because Bangladesh is buying the same vaccine at a lower price. Annoyed by this, China sent a letter to Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh later expressed regret, there was uncertainty about getting the Sinopharm vaccine. According to the initial plan, Bangladesh had offered to buy 50 lakh doses of vaccine per month totaling 1.5 crore doses by August. Accordingly, China promised to provide vaccines to Bangladesh without any hindrance.