‘Everything will open gradually after August 5’

Senior Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
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Strict lockdown is underway to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. This severe lockdown has started from last July 23 and will continue till midnight of 5 August 5. All government, private offices, factories, garment industry and all other activities are closed in the lockdown. During the 14-day lockdown, movement of people from one end of the country to the other has been banned.

The government has imposed restrictions to prevent further spread of corona infection. However, people are not going to be controlled. People are leaving the house on various excuses. Therefore, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed to strictly enforce the lockdown. Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek told reporters that he had instructed the law enforcement agencies working in the field administration to be strict in implementing the lockdown.

However, this long lockdown has created a kind of discomfort among the people. Besides, it is becoming difficult to make a living. In this situation, the government is focusing on how to keep people at home till at least August 5.

Will the lockdown extend after August 5? In response to such a question, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told Barta24.com, “Everything will be opened gradually. Not at once. All will be opened step by step. Not all will be open at a time. ”

The state minister said we should all try our best. We can't live like this. We have to wear masks, we have to work. Our vaccine crisis is over. Now everyone will be brought under the vaccination program. In response to the question of whether the offices will be opened with half the manpower, the state minister said, "Yes, it is like that."

Asked if there is any possibility of opening the garments in a day or two, he said the chances are very slim this month. We want to bring everyone under control. I will open the garments in two weeks. I will open all export oriented industries. Regarding whether it will be opened from August 1, he said, the decision will be taken after understanding the situation.

Meanwhile, after the cabinet meeting, the Health Minister told reporters that many people are reluctant about the lockdown. But reluctance will not work. Life will live first then the economy. First you survive, then your economy. What to do with the economy? If we want to save the economy, we have to save lives. In order to save lives, you have to accept the lockdown and get vaccinated, you have to adhere to social distance and everyone has to wear a mask. But we painfully notice that the lockdown has been going on for four days today, but we are very sorry about the way people are moving on the road, cars are coming out. They are breaking the lockdown. They are harming themselves.

The minister said there was no alternative to lockdown in corona control. Lockdown must be observed. Those in charge of implementing the lockdown need to be more stringent. People need to be a little more aware. Adults should be vaccinated and tested. The elderly should not go where they are being infected. The reality is that if the infection does not decrease, the patient will not decrease, if the patient does not decrease, the death will not decrease and there will be no place in the hospital.