22-day ban on hilsa fishing from Oct 9

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com
photo: barta24

photo: barta24

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The government has imposed a 22-day ban on fishing, trading and marketing of hilsa from Oct 9 to ensure safe spawning of the fish during its peak breeding period.

Joint Secretary to the Ministry Fisheries and Livestock Asim Kumar Bala confirmed the ban imposition to Barta24.com, saying the government put the ban as 80 percent of the mother fish spawn in sweet water during the period.

He said another round of restriction is imposed for March-April period to facilitate growth of hilsa fries.

Under the October ban, catching, transporting, storing, marketing and trade of the fish will not be allowed at different points under 147 upazilas in 35 districts.

The navy, coast guard, police and river police will be patrolling the points during the ban period.

The violation of the ban is an offence punishable by imprisonment up to two years or fine up to Tk 5,000 or by both.

The government has arranged temporary alternative work and financial assistance for the fishermen during the ban.

Another Joint Secretary to the Ministry Fisheries and Livestock, Shoaibe Khan, told Barta24.com that 8,163 tonnes of rice has been allocated for 40,839 fishermen families and the rice has already reached the districts concerned.