JU students reject the authority’s hall closure orders

JU Corresponden, Barta24.com
photo: barta24

photo: barta24

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Savar (Dhaka): Jahangirnagar University authority ordered the closure of all the residential halls of the university to combat the on going movement of the students & teachers for removal of Vice Chancellor Prof. Farzana Islam. However, the students and teachers after that have intensified the movement rejecting the closure order.    

Violating the cut out date to leave the halls, the agitating students have now come out on the streets.  The students of all the residential halls have joined the movement. A portion of the university teachers are also with the agitating students.

According to the announcement of Tuesday (Nov.5) the students have again taken position on the campus on Wednesday morning (Nov.6). 

They have assembled at the Shahid Minar where they have been joined by the teachers. The students have become ready with banner and festoons. The agitating students have also brought out processions protesting the attack on them by the activists of Chattra League on Tuesday and also the orders of vacating the halls.

Earlier on Tuesday night the students of various halls including female students came out to express solidarity with the agitating students breaking the locks of hall gate.  

Besides, in the banner of ‘Jahangirnagar University Against Corruption’ from Monday (Nov.4) the agitators have earlier seized the residence of VC Prof. Farzana Islam. 

During the agitation there was a hot exchange of words between in favor of movement and pro VC teachers and students on Tuesday. During the melee around 12 a.m a procession led by university unit of Chattra League president Md. Jewel Rana attacked the agitating students and teachers. In this attack about 35 students, teachers and journalists were injured that led the authority to announce the closure of halls.