Zero load-shedding by 2024

Serajul Islam Siraj,
Power Division Senior Secretary Dr Ahmad Kaikaus, Photo:

Power Division Senior Secretary Dr Ahmad Kaikaus, Photo:

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Power Division Senior Secretary Dr Ahmad Kaikaus has said there will no load-shedding after the completion of several projects for installation of distribution and transmission lines in the next five years.

In an exclusive interview with, he said there is no shortage in power generation but uninterrupted electricity supply cannot be ensured due to shortage in distribution and transmission lines.

“Uninterrupted power supply will be ensured after the completion of the distribution and transmission projects,” he said.

Kaikaus, a doctorate in Public Policy and Political Economy from University of Texas, took over as the secretary to the power division in 2016. Under his leadership, power sector set records in generation.

He said the power sector should be praised for attaining the ability to generate electricity to meet the domestic demand, but instead the sector has been subject to criticism.

The senior secretary said, “Infrastructure has to be developed before any investment. We’re creating that scope. Businessmen will come forward to invest without fear. There were once complaints that businessmen have set up industries but cannot run for want of electricity.”

“They (businessmen) have to count losses if they cannot commence operation of industries timely. They have to pay interest on loans taken from banks. It frustrates them,” he added.

Giving statistics, Kaikaus said Germany has the capacity to produce 130 percent more power than its requirement while the rate is 71 percent in neighboring India, 53 percent in Malaysia, and 45 percent in Bangladesh.