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How is the Sundarbans now who resisted the devastating ‘bulbul’


Manjarul Islam, Staff Correspondent,, Khulna | 11 November 2019, 08:23AM

How is the Sundarbans now who resisted the devastating ‘bulbul’

The Bay of Bengal born cyclonic storm ‘bulbul’ has crossed the vast Sundarbans becoming weak. Practically the ravaging ‘bulbul’ became weaker after it was resisted by the Sundrabans. The deep forest full of various trees and bushes that saved us from the destructive ‘bulbul’, how it is now? How is the Sundrabans?

On Sunday (Nov. 10) evening the Forest Department(FD) itself could not answer this question that how is the Sundarbans now? The FD could not say whether the trees, beasts, birds and other creatures have been affected to what extent.

Senior Meteorologist of Khulna Regional office Amirul Azad told that the storm started becoming weaker when the mouth of the storm crossed the Sundarbans. Though the cyclonic storm advanced with a speed of 140 Kph but it hit the Sundrabans with a speed of 70- 80 Kph. That ravaging storm had converted into a land depression on the mainland. Practically the destructive storm became weaker due to the resistance of the Sundrabans, told this Weatherman.

Talking with the FD sources, they are yet to know the conditions of the living creatures of the forest. Though the intensity of the storm lowered in the morning but the Forest Officials could not come out to ascertain the overall conditions of the Sundarbnas.

East Forest division official of the Sundarbans Mahmudul Hassan told that the Sundarbans is a vast area. The storm just stopped, it will take time to survey the whole forest area. So far the Forest officials could not go out. There is no information to me about the losses of the Sundarbans. The Forest officials have been instructed to submit reports to him after inspecting their respective areas.

Primarily we came to know that the old structures of Forest stations built of tins, wood sustained some losses.

He further said that the Sundarbans has played a very important role in diverting the directions of the powerful cyclonic storm ‘bulbul’. We should play a positive role in conserving the Sundarbans keeping in mind the theme ‘If the Sundarbans saved then will be saved!’

It is to be mentioned here that the area of the biggest mangrove forest of the world, one of the world heritages with a beautiful eye catching forest is 6117 square kilometers. Of it, 4832 sq. kms. is forest land, 1185 sq. kms is marshy land. Several types of creatures live in this both forest and wet lands.

In the devastating ‘Sidor’ of November 15 of 2007 and in the ravaging ‘Aila’ of May 25 of 2009 the storms were also resisted by this Sundarbans which later on became weaker. Similarly the Sundrbans played the role of a shield against the ferocity of the ‘bulbul’ thus Bangladesh was saved incurring minimum losses of life and properties.