Month of victory begins

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Today is Sunday, December, 1 that has heralded the month of victory. In 1971, March 26, the Bangalees had gone for that Liberation War which was achieved in this month, December16 after fighting out the Pakistani occupation forces. After nine months of bloody struggle and at the sacrifice of 30 lakh liberation hunger Bangalees, the costly freedom was achieved. 

From the very first day of December, 1971 the Pakistani occupation forces began to retreat and finally the enemy forces surrendered to the Joint Forces of India and Bangladesh liberation army. A new country ‘Bangladesh’ was curved out in the world map. 

Though Bangalees began to sacrifice their lives fighting with enemy Pakistani army but a group of Bangalees collaborated with them. With the patronization of these   collaborators Razakars and Al -Badar forces were created.  

The Razakars and Al- Badars had created a reign of terror. Sensing their defeat, the Pak occupation forces with the help of Razakars and Al-Badars killed a large number of innocent people whose only aspiration was a free Bangladesh from the oppressive clutches of Pakistani enemies. The Razakars and Al- Badars killed the best sons of the soil including teachers, writers, intellectuals, physicians, journalists and players also.  Finally, at the cost of much sacrifices Bangalees tested the victory in this month.

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