No worker will be sent abroad without training: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Photo: collected

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Photo: collected

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Awami League chief and the Prime Minister has directed the Expatriate Welfare ministry to be strict not to send any worker abroad without proper training.

She said that the workers including the female if face tortures abroad then the recruiting agencies and other concerned will be dealt with seriously.

On Thursday (Dec.19) Sheikh Hasina said these in a function arranged in connection with observance of International Migration day held at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital.

She said that Bangladesh is progressing ahead. So we are taking measures for their welfare those who work in abroad. We have enacted Foreign Employment & Migration law -2013, Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment policies 2017 and Wage Earners Welfare Board 2018. The protection, rights and welfare have been ensured in these laws.

She said that we want that trained worker be sent abroad who can fetch better wage and can send more foreign currency. She said that the migrant workers are contributing immense in our economy.

She said to the recruiting agencies so that they do not send workers abroad only to earn money. There are some people who go abroad after selling everything they belong. They are being deceived. I would advice them that no one send their relatives in such way being trapped by the agents of manpower. The recruiting agencies also deceive the people. Those agencies will be dealt with strict hands.