Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recalls Sir Abed

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

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From Sangsad Bhavan: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recalled BRAC founder Sir Fazle Hassan Abed during a general discussion on the obituary motion in the Jatiyo Sangsad.

She said that his (Fazle Hassan Abed) wife was an activist of Awami League. When I first formed government in 1996, I told him to set up a university and I gave him a bank. Thus BRAC University and BRAC Bank
were set up through my request.

The Prime Minister also said, I knew his skill… His work brightened the image of Bangladesh in different countries of the world. He met me shortly before his death. Surprisingly he told me - I won't live long, I'm handing over my all responsibilities I observed so long. He also introduced his daughter with me. Fazle Hasan Abed had brought
considerable respect for the country.

Awami League MP Taking part in a general discussion on the obituary motion on the death of the Yunus Ali Sarkar, the Prime Minister said, "It is sad that so many of our colleagues are leaving. It is sad. Dr. Yunus Ali was an activist of the BCL. As an MP, he turned around to provide medicare, giving free medicines. Another member, Fajilatun
Nessa Bappi, also left prematurely. She had the bright prospect of becoming a bright politician in future.

Remembering Bappi, the Leader of House said, "When I was arrested and prosecuted during the caretaker government, she was always involved in all the work of the case." She was very talented The Prime Minister lamented the death of Major General Mia Mohammad Zainul Abedin, who was Assistant Military Secretary when we formed the government in 1996.

From then until his death he served as military secretary. An honest, skilled military officer like him is rarely available. Although I was not in power for 7 years in the middle. The BNP government had tortured him because he was my military secretary. Later I formed the government and I brought him back He was like a member of our family.

The Prime Minister lamented the death of architect Rabiul Hossain. She said, he was not only an architect, a good poet and a literary man. At the same time, Syed Muazzem Ali was a highly skilled diplomat and I
lost him.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also expressed deep condolences over the death of Al-Hayatul Uli Lil-Jamaatil Qaomiya Bangladesh Co-Chairman Allama Ashraf Ali, the supreme body of the Quami Madrasah.