Spring has arrived, good bye winter!

Abdullah Al Mamun, District Correspondent, Barta24.com, Satkhira
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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The cold is not felt like earlier days. As the day goes on, warm clothes are becoming a cause of discomfort. Is the winter saying goodbye!

It is believed that the winter season has come in the ‘Satarupa’ spring season. In the meantime, nature is dancing with the touch of fresh air. People's minds are wandering. Feathers are waking up in the minds of birds. Nature is waking up. Palash-Shimul-Krishnachaura branch has a wave of fire eruptions. In the secluded corner of the forest, there are countless flowers on the edge of the path without waiting for anyone. Cuckoo's witchcraft is spreading confusion in the youth.

According to the old Bengali calendar, the first day of spring ie the first of Falgun was February 13. But one day has retarded after the amendment of the Bengali calendar. The Bangla Academy has worked on revising the Bengali calendar is being done by research, compilation and dictionary and encyclopedia departments. They said that in the revised calendar year, the first six months from Baishakh to Ashwin will be calculated as 31 days, Kartik to Magh month 30 days and Phalgun month for 29 days. But in the Gregorian calendar year (leap year), the month of Falgun will be counted as 30 days instead of 29 days.

These are all theoratical talks. Does the youth wander with so much calculation? Poet Subhas Mukherjee has already said, "Flowers either do blossom or do not blossom today is spring" The older might say if it is spring, why not flowers will not blossom? Spring comes with the promise of blossoming flowers. Now, of course, the flowers bloom before spring. That is why numerous trees starting from Radhachura or Nagalingam are slowly waking up. The spring of the garland is not only physical, but also has been painting the lives of Bengali youths for the past few days.

Probably you know Shimul Bagan of Sunamganj. This year, the tourist center turned red in the middle of Magh. If you have mango trees in your vicinity, just look how it has budding.

Spring is the day to embrace nature in a new way. Blooming time of flowers. The cold nature of winter will now be turned in a new leaf. Nature will cool down in the cool air of Phalgun and the sweet songs of cuckoos. Full-blown spring brings youthful enthusiasm. Joy and excitement fill your mind with a smile.

Spring means perfection. Spring means new life.

This spring the sowed the seeds of Bengali independence planted through the language movement. In this spring the Bengali Nation began liberation war. So not only nature and mind, spring also comes with a special significance in the national history of Bangladesh. Spring brings loves and spirit of revolt in the life of the people of Bangladesh. Let spring come through new sun rise jointly with unbounded passion.

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