Cyclone ‘Amphan’ causes loss of Taka 1100 cores

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka


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Super cyclone ‘Amphan’ caused a loss of Taka 1100 crore as it damaged homesteads, roads, crops, coastal embankments and fish firms and claimed at least 10 lives across the country on Wednesday, State(May 21) Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Ministry Dr. Md Enamur Rahman said.

We have primarily received an estimate of Taka 1100 crore loss caused by the super cyclonic storm ‘Amphan’ to different sectors in the country. However, at least one week is needed to estimate the total damage caused by the giant storm across the country, he said while addressing a virtual press briefing at his offices at the secretariat here this afternoon.

Dr. Enam said the ministries of fisheries and livestock, water resources and agriculture ministries and Local Government Division (LGD) have given a primary estimation of loss to the sectors while some other ministries reported no such causalities caused by the super cyclone ‘Amphan’.

Noting that the ferocious cyclonic storm claimed at least 10 lives, including a volunteer of Disaster Management and Relief Ministry, he said the storm hit 26 costal districts.

The family of CPP’s Dhankhali Village unit leader’s mother, who died while she was out to aware the people about the cyclone, in Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali district will get an assistance of Taka 5 lakh, he added.

About 200 bridges and culverts and 233 local government offices in the cyclone prone areas have been damaged by ‘Amphan’ havoc, the state minister said, adding, however, the storm caused severe damages in Bagerhat, Satkhira
and Khulna districts.

Though the super cyclonic storm could not cause massive damages to Boro crop, he said, but it caused severe damages to mango orchards.

The damages to the mango orchards have been approximately estimated to be worth of Taka 150 crore, Dr. Enam said, adding the government, however, is considering distributing the mangoes among poor people as relief item.

About 150 kilometers flood control embankments under the Water Development Board(WDB) were damaged and another 84 have been cracked that would require Taka 200-300 crore to repair, he said.

Postal and Telecommunication Division said that their network was also damaged while Power division said they would resume the electricity supply by 24 hours, the state minister added.

The Fisheries Ministry said that the cyclonic storm caused damages to the livestock about Taka 140 crore and fisheries Taka 340 crore, he said.

Dr. Enam said 500 bundles of tins and Taka 15 lakh were allocated for each of the 26 districts affected badly by the cyclone.

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