Corona compels active people to be disabled!

Dr. Mahfuz Parvez, Associate Editor,
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Various statistics about the ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus are being disclosed both locally and abroad every day. In addition to the number of infections and deaths, the number of people recovering is also known. Apart from these, attempts are being made to identify the speed and nature of corona by region, class, age and gender through data.

Early forecasts found that children and the elderly people were at greater risks of corona infection. But recent studies have shown that a large portion of the world's working population suffers from co-morbidity in corona. This information provides new insights into the nature of the corona.

Experts also said that South Asia has a larger working population than any other country in the world. Working manpower is defined as people in the age group of 25 to 65 years, which is positive in terms of productivity, who are at risk of corona.

The scary thing is that these working people are not out of corona's grasp so in many countries of the world, especially in developing countries, it cannot be said that the working population is entitled to good health. Like all citizens, working people also suffer from general health problems. Corona is attacking them whenever it gets chance.

According to a recent statistics, many of the working population become victims of premature old into their thirties. Due to various irregularities, due to occupation and lifestyle, various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney and heart diseases settle in their body.

Another deadly piece of information has also come to everyone's notice. That is, the South Asians living in those countries have a 20 percent higher mortality rate due to Covid-19 than whites in Europe and America. Diabetes has been blamed as the primary cause. It has been found that the average age of blacks is lower than that of corona infected whites and that their other complex diseases are also lower. But their blood sugar level is too high or they are more or less diabetic.

According to experts, about 40 percent of South Asians living in the Northern Hemisphere suffer from type-one or type-two diabetes. Experts warn that pandemics such as corona could increase mortality by at least 50 percent. Corona infected South Asian and other underdeveloped countries also have higher mortality rates among middle-aged people, so experts' cautious predictions are coming true.

As a result, the importance of focusing on the working population is increasing in the background of corona resistance. In particular, it has become vital to control the risk of co-morbidity by regularly monitoring working people, according to expert warnings.
Of course, in this case, the reality is quite opposite. Because of the acute outbreak of the corona, the entire medical infrastructure has become the focus of pandemic prevention overnight. Outpatient departments of many hospitals, doctors' chambers closed in corona infection-panic. Home locked patients are also unable to monitor blood pressure and sugar regularly.

In addition, the supply of essential medicines is being disrupted due to lockdown or social distancing. In the long run, lower and middle class families are also being forced to reduce their blood pressure, diabetes tests and drug purchases to save on daily expenses. In such a suicidal situation, some diseases are increasing in the human body in the form of silent killers, so they are at greater risk of contracting corona.

Experts think that there are more professional and working people among these people. Experts also pointed to the potential for excessive increase in ‘chronic- morbidity’ among young people. Everyone knows that these diseases are silent killers. The same information has been published in the research paper of ESCAP of the United Nations. However, no additional health precautions were taken during the ongoing pandemic.

As everyone knows, as soon as professional and financial activities start in corona, working people have to go out of the house in need of work. Then the risk of infection will increase in their case. So the death rate and the number of infected will also increase, such is the fear of the experts.

As a result, along with the ongoing emergency health care against corona, regular monitoring and treatment of other lethal diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney problems, must be ensured. The routine work of the general clinic-hospital has to be revived by making the home locked doctors active in their profession. In big cities like Dhaka, Chittagram and in Mofussil and rural areas, the treatment and testing of these so-called silent killer diseases should be included in the primary health care system. For this, if there are not enough health workers and technicians, new appointments have to be made urgently.

The reality is that there is no doubt that everyone in the health sector is worried and excited about corona and the health care situation for other diseases is fragile, which will further complicate the situation. Then the number of deaths and infections in other diseases like corona can increase alarmingly.

Particularly the working population is an invaluable asset for all countries. If they are attacked too much, the country's driving force structure will collapse. The socio-economic impact will be terrible. As a result, keeping them healthy and corona-free with regular treatment for other diseases should be considered as an important challenge of the existing health-medical structure.

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