Four thousand families become marooned in Pirgacha

Upazilla Correspondent,


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Pirgacha(Rangpur):  The Teesta River continues to rise at Pirgachha in Rangpur due to incessant rain fall and steep slopes coming down from the upper reaches. About 4,000 families living along the river bank areas have been marooned. There has been a crisis of food and pure drinking water.

No relief goods have been distributed so far, both officially and privately. As a result, the flood affected people are in dire straits.

While visiting the area on Saturday (June 27) it was found that around 4,000 families in Gabura Char, Shivder Char, Kishamat Chawla, East Haguria Hashim, Chawla, Char Kashim, Shivdev, Rahmat Char, Char Tambulpur and Char Rahmat villages along the Teesta River bank were flooded.. There is an acute shortage of food, drinking water and cattle fodder for the people of the marooned families.
Abdur Rahman, 50, of Char Chaol village, said, the Teesta water started rising again last Thursday. The water level is still rising.

Abdus Salam, a resident of Shivdev Char, said, sudden flood has come. There was no flood preparation at this time. That is why there is an acute shortage of dry food and drinking water. '

Upazila Project Implementation Officer Abdul Aziz said,  information of the flood-hit areas are being collected. Action will be taken considering the damage.

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