‘Any failure is my responsibility, success is shared by all’- SM Kamal Hossain

Shahjahan Molla, Senior Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
Photo: Barta24

Photo: Barta24

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In order to make the Bangladesh Awami League more well-organized, the party's chief Sheikh Hasina has instructed to form a team and make an organizational tour. In the light of those instructions, the organizing secretaries are busy arranging their work plans. How to choose the leaders. Will the beneficiary get a place in the milk fly team again? Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League SM Kamal Hossain has answered all such questions of Barta24.com.

On Saturday (September 19), a private conversation took place at his residence. The path to politics is challenging: ‘failure is my responsibility, success is shared by all, he said.

Barta24.com: Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has directed to begin organizational tours. What are your thoughts in the light of that instruction?

SM Kamal Hossain: Many of our district conferences have been held before the central conference. Later, after forming an executive committee through the conference, we started the organizational process. I also fixed the date of the upazilla conference. But because of Corona we did not carry out organizational activities in that way, but continued our political activities. The process of forming our committee was closed. In that case, under the direction of the Jana netri Sheikh Hasina, we are now trying to form a team and start the process of resuming the organizational activities by holding a conference from the grassroots.

You know that by-elections are being held in 5 parliamentary seats. We are all working in the constituency to make our organization dynamic so that the election is fair and neutral and people vote for the boat. Through this election, the process of forming committees will start by holding meetings of representatives of different districts and holding extended meetings. Moreover, it has been directed to submit the full committee of the districts where the conference was held on the instructions of the Jananetri Sheikh Hasina to the center. Many of those district committees have submitted to the central office. In other words, our organizational activities have started.

Barta24.com: In all the committees that have been submitted to the Center, there are some allegations that the President-General Secretary or the MPs are playing a role in making the person of their choice the leader, are they also communicating with you? What do you think about this?

SM Kamal Hossain: No, yes, there may be some biasness. That is why the committee is trying to check and sort them out. Someone may have a personal relationship with someone, that's not why he won't be on the committee. What we have emphasized is that those who have worked for the organization in difficult times, those who were in charge at different levels of Chhatra League, those who were in charge at different levels of Juba League, those who have no charges against them, those who have no extortion cases, those who have no drug cases. The leader has instructed that such people who tarnish the image of the party should not be present at any stage of the party or at any organizational level. We care about that way. We hope that those who will tarnish the image of the party will not be elected leader in any way.

Barta24.com: Who is responsible for the infiltrators entering the party at different times? This time speaking of sacrifice in the selection of leadership, there were such instructions in the past, but how can such a leader come to the central level?

SM Kamal Hossain: Many of us know the history of the past. The president and secretary of the district often rely on some of us to join the party. We are keeping a very close eye on these so that such people do not join the party. Yes, a person does not join the Awami League directly, but a person in favor of the liberation war has his acceptance. I will not stop such a person who has a reputation in his area from coming to the party post. But in the case of the President General Secretary we are serious. In this case, those who have sacrificed in the past, who have acceptance in the party, who have done Awami League in difficult times, will be elected leaders. Many times in different positions we may think that a person was not in any position in the district but the people in favor of the liberation war have his social acceptance. We will not stop that guy from holding any position at any stage of the party. We have to give place to the man who is popular, the man who believes in the spirit of the liberation war.

Barta24.com: List of all the districts that have been submitted to the Center. What do you do if someone enters the group, willingly or unwillingly?

SM Kamal Hossain: If any such person enters, we will get a complaint. Of course, it will be approved by the executive committee. If the committee submits it, it will not be passed. It will be approved at a meeting of the executive committee of the Bangladesh Awami League chaired by the beloved leader Sheikh Hasina. In that case, I will highlight the allegations against those who have allegations. In that case, if the executive committee thinks so, they will be left out. The committee will not be final as it is submitted as long as it will not pass.

Barta24.com: Are you fulfilling the responsibility of by-election as the organizational leader? Isn't that a challenge for you?

SM Kamal Hossain: After I became the organizaing secretary, by-elections are being held in three seats of the department in which I am in charge. Two dates have already been announced. One seat is the September 28 election. We had meetings with grassroots leaders at the beginning. Later I had a meeting with the central committee and held two way-side rallyes. We think the party is united, our candidate is acceptable and our leader is popular and people have confidence in the development work of the Jananetri Sheikh Hasina, and since the seats were of ‘boat’, hopefully the ‘boat’ will win. I have been trying to organize the party from the time I am present in person so that every leader and worker of the party works for the election and there is no division.

Barta24.com: You have been given the responsibility of conducting the first by-election. Do you think it is a challenge?

SM Kamal Hossain: The way to do in politics is a challenge. We have to take up the challenge at every step. We think everything is a challenge for us. It's a war. I am responsible for the failures on this battlefield and everyone shares the success. If there is any election somewhere, I will have to bear most of the responsibility. That is a challenge for me. If success is what we think success is of team- success to all leaders and workers. I believe that the leaders and workers are united, we have united the leaders and workers in the way the leader has given direction, and hopefully we will win here. Winning is a challenge for me.

Barta24.com: Thank you for giving long time.

SM Kamal Hossain: Thanks to all of Barta24.com through you.