BNP-Awami League have shackled Democracy: GM Quader

Special Correspondent,


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Jatiya Party (JP) Chairman GM Quader said that BNP and Awami League have shackled democracy.

He made the remarks while addressing a discussion meeting on the occasion of the 35th founding anniversary of the party at the Banani office of JP on Friday (January 1) evening.

He said that after the transfer of power by Hussain Muhammad Ershad, Awami League and BNP have introduced parliamentary system from the presidential system of government. But by amending the constitution, they have added section 70. The party that forms the government with the majority becomes the head of the parliamentary party and the head of the government. And due to section 70, no member of parliament can vote outside the party's decision. So whatever the ruling party chief wants is passed in the parliament. Again, what the head of government does not want is not passed in the parliament. As a result, power becomes uncontrollable and the government is not accountable. Corruption increases in uncontrolled power. Therefore, during the BNP and Awami League governments, Bangladesh became champions in corruption a total of 5 times.

He said the Awami League and the BNP have enjoyed uncontrolled power for the last 30 years by abusing Article 70. Where the parliament will control the government, the government is controlling the parliament. There is no way to control power anymore. That is why the leaders and workers of Awami League and BNP have become banana trees with their fingers swollen due to corruption.

He said there was no corruption, no extrajudicial killings and no abuse of power during the Jatiya Party rule. In the last thirty years, there was more good governance during the rule of Jatiya Party than during the rule of Awami League and BNP. During the Jatiya Party, the judiciary was independent. So the leaders and workers of the Jatiya Party can speak with a sigh. The people of the country can proudly call for the Jatiya Party.

GM Quader said the BNP is now shouting for fair elections. Asking the question, did the BNP ever give a fair election? The general secretaries of BNP and Awami League are often arguing on various issues. But they have all handcuffed democracy and ruined the natural taste of democracy. Jatiya Party is a very promising party in the politics of the future. No one can go to power except the Jatiya Party.

Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, senior co-chairman of the Jatiya Party at the time, said the achievements of the last 10 to 12 years of remarkable development could not be retained if there was no real democracy. Now there is a question about the safety of human life but during the rule of Jatiya Party there was no such question about the safety of human life. Candidates cannot be found in the election now, because everyone knows what the outcome of the election will be.

Jatiya Party co-chairman ABM Ruhul Amin Hawlader said the party is now more united than ever. The Jatiya Party is moving forward with great speed by proving the statements of those who have spoken about the disunity of the Jatiya Party to be false.

In the evening, members of the Jatiya Sanskritik Party performed a pleasant cultural program in the same auditorium. Alauddin Ahmed, Member Secretary of Jatiya Sangskritik Party, wrote and presented a pleasant cultural program under the direction of Sherifa Quader, Convener of Jatiya Sanskritik Party.

Among others, Secretary General Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu, Syed Abu Hossain Babla MP, Chief Whip of the Opposition of the Jatiya Sangsad and former Secretary General Moshiur Rahman Ranga MP, Presidium Member Advocate Sheikh Muhammad Sirajul Islam, S.M. Faisal Chishti, Advocate Md. Rezaul Islam Bhuiyan, valiant freedom fighter Abdus Sattar Mia, Kari Md. Habibullah Belali, Advisor Mahmudur Rahman Mahmud, Vice Chairman Mostafa Al Mahmud, Salma Hossain, Joint Secretary General Golam Mohammad Raju, General Secretary of Jubo Sanghati Fakhrul Ahsan Shahzada and others were present.