Heir to South Asian politics and blood

Lutfe Ali Mahabbat, Barta24.com , Dhaka
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Photo: Collected

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Bangladesh Awami Jubo League (AJL) has got the touch of the ongoing political tradition of South Asia. The continuity of blood and politics is being expanded also in the important organization of Bangladesh politics.

The political heirs in this sub-continent have come to the politics at critical junctures. Indira Gandhi, Sheikh Hasina, Srimavo Bandarnaikey, Benazir Bhutto, Khaleda Zia are those in the history of subcontinent politics. They have carried the tradition of political peak.

Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash also finally got that touch. He has been entrusted with responsibility of recovering the image of the organization which was marred by corruption and crimes. He got the responsibility of that organization which is stained with the blood of his father Sheikh Fazlul Haque Mani, who had built this organization at the cost of his sweat and blood.

The current of political heritage has been inherited by Sheikh Parash from the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his aunt Sheikh Hasina. That heritage has brought him to the forefront of important wing of ruling Awami League. He was bestowed with the top post of AJL

He was a teacher by profession having degrees on English literature of Dhaka University and of Colorado University in the USA. But as a member of a political family he was close to politics. That closeness and inherent political knack have encouraged him to take the rein of the biggest youth organization of the country. He has come to bring forward the organization embedded with spirit of liberation war.

His father Sheikh Mani was the life and blood AJL who was also a strong power of Bangbandhu who had performed the responsibility with the last drop of his blood.

Sheikh Parash following the foot print of his father would also versatile the politics of heir tradition. He would also give it a new dimension keeping himself under the shadow of her aunt Sheikh Hasina. He would make the organization stronger and solid.

The formal installation of Sheikh Parash in politics is not only a symbol of heredity rather it is a victory of new generation. It is a message to Awami Laegue also that it is gradually leaning towards new generation.

The coronation of Sheikh Parash in politics has heralded new era and sound of foot steps of coming of new generation in Awami politics. People expect that the politics infused in Sheikh Hasina from Bangabandhu now transmitted in others would bring speed the victory of chariot of Awami League to a new height. END/ MS/0924 Hours/26.11.19

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