Awami League organized webinar held on environment protection

Senior Correspondent,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Speakers at the Awami League's webinar on forest and environment said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's call for greening is an example to the world. Many countries and people in the world are under threat due to climate change. Only a healthy environment and nature can save people from this. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken the lead in protecting the environment in Bangladesh as well as spread the call worldwide. The Awami League's sub-committee on forest and environment is doing a commendable job by planting trees all over the country in response to his call.

They made the remarks while participating in a webinar titled "Bangladesh in Mujib Year: Let the Environment Be Clean through Tree Planting" organized by the Awami League's Forest and Environment Sub-Committee on Thursday (July 30). The webinar was hosted by Delwar Hossain, Secretary, Forest and Environment Affairs, Bangladesh Awami League

The webinar chaired by Committee President Khondoker Bazlul Haque, it was participated by Awami League presidium member Colonel (Retd) Faruk Khan, Information Minister and Awami League joint-general secretary Dr. Hasan Mahmud, executive director of the Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies Atiq Rahman, director of the Department of Disaster Science and Management at the University of Dhaka Prof. Mahbuba Nasrin, General Secretary of Sirajganj District Branch of Awami League Prof. Dr. Md. Habibe Millat MP, President of Supreme Court Bar Association AM Amin Uddin and others.

The Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud said the Prime Minister's call for greening has received worldwide response. The world has taken it seriously as the country is working to protect the environment under her strong and capable leadership. Her initiatives have also received worldwide recognition. The best proof of this is his multiple awards for her contribution to the protection of the environment.

He said all the ingredients of climate change are present in Bangladesh. She has been nominated for the 'Champion of the Earth' award, the highest award of the United Nations for environmental protection in 2015. As soon as Sheikh Hasina was elected the president of Awami League in 1981, she has been carrying out tree planting program for two years till 1983.

He added that the slogan she had at that time is still there. That is to plant herbal, forest and medicinal plants one by one. I remember there were not enough trees 30-40 years ago. But now you will see that there are a lot of trees in the settlement area. This has been possible due to Sheikh Hasina's call for social forestry. She has transformed tree planting into a social movement.

Highlighting the state of nature in the changed situation of coronavirus (Covid-19), the former secretary of forest and environment affairs of Awami League said that the present nature is very clean and pure because at this time nature can develop in its own way. This proves that we do such atrocities on nature under normal circumstances.

Awami League presidium member Colonel (Retd) Faruk Khan said, it is not only necessary to plant trees, but also to protect trees. It has been proved during Covid-19 that we do the greatest damage to the environment. He added that the political goals of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League are clear. We will do what we can to protect the environment and do what is needed, he said. We need to learn more and more from the experts we have. I urge them to come forward. Besides, the activities that we have done on the environment in the international arena including the United Nations should be highlighted more. As if Bangladesh is recognized as a role model in environmental protection.

In fact, the Prime Minister has given utmost importance to the environment in the government led by Sheikh Hasina, who started formal planting trees with every year. Even if it is called, it is not limited to formalities. Her activities were spread all over the country. The Prime Minister has given so much importance to this that tree planting has been included in our Delta Plan.